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  • Carpet Care
    Eastman Products Carpet Cleaner
    32 to 1 Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo

    High foaming carpet shampoo for use by hand or with rotary floor machines and foam shampoo machines. Uses 4 oz. per gallon of water with a dilution of 32 to 1 or 8 oz. per gallon of water with a dilution of 16 to 1.

    Challenger Heavy Duty Traffic Lane Cleaner/Pre-spray

    A powerful pre-spray designed to remove oil, grease and other tough embedded soils. Dilutes 1 to 7. Lemon scented.

    Extract Carpet Cleaner Concentrate

    Low foam liquid carpet cleaner designed to be used with hot water extractors and bonnet systems. Powerful detergents lift and dissolve embedded soils. Leaves no residue. Dilute per application 1 to 1, up to 1 to 8.

    Revenge Stain and Odor Remover

    Bioenzymatic cleaning blend removes spots, stains and malodors. Effective on food, urine, vomit, blood, grass stains, coffee, juices, grease, mildew and much more. Ready to use. Has a mild perfume scent.

    Air Essence A water-soluable concentrated deoderant spray that eliminates unwanted odors fast. Available in cinnamon and floral frangrance. Dilute per application 1 to 1, or to 8 oz. per gallon.
    One Step Neutral pH Disinfectant / Detergent / Deodorant / Germicide

    Concentrated, multi-purpose, and odorless quaternary detergent. Disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes in one labor-saving step. Kills HIV-1 (AIDS), Herpes. Will not dull finish. 2 oz. dilution. Unscented.

    EPA Registered: 47371-131-2230

    Xtra Disinfectant / Sanitizer / Deodorizer / Algaecide

    Requires no potable water rinse for sanitizing food processing equipment and food contact surfaces. 1/4 oz dilution for sanitizing. Uses 3 to 4.5 oz. per 4 gallons depending on application. Unscented.

    EPA Registered: 2230-16

    Floor Care
    Warsaw Chemical Floor Cleaner
    Mop On Rinse Free Stripper

    Quickly strips difficult finishes without leaving a residue. Mop on... agitate... pick-up. Dilute per application 1 to 1, up to 1 to 10.

    Integrity High Gloss, Extended Wear Floor Finish

    Metal interlocked acrylic polymer finish. Brilliant, high gloss finish provides a durable long lasting shine. Self-sealing. Low maintenance. 18% solids. Ready to use. 1 gallon covers 1500-2000 feet.

    Renown High Gloss, High Solids Floor Finish

    Metal interlocked acrylic polymer finish. Super durable formula provides an easily maintained long lasting shine. Self-sealing. Low maintenance. 25% solids. Ready to use. 1 gallon covers 1500-2000 feet.
    Maintain Neutral pH Detergent

    Damp mop detergent for finished floors. Will not dull, haze or leave a film. Contains optical brighteners to enhance gloss. Use with mop and bucket or automatic scrubber. Dilute per application 5 to 10 oz. per 5 gallons of water. Cherry scented.

    Spray Buff Thermoplastic Spray Buff

    Cleans and polishes floor finish. Removes black heel marks, scuffs, scratches, dullness and leaves floor slip resistant. For use with low or high speed machines. Ready to use.

    Restore Thermoplastic Floor Gloss Restorer

    Restores floor finish to that "just waxed" shine. Mop on, let dry and buff. Use full strength or dilute as a spray buff application of 1 to 1.

    Hand Cleaners
    Warsaw Chemical Hand Soap
    Before Pink Lotion Hand Cleaner

    Industrial strength lotion hand cleaner. Mild but effective. Use with or without water. Can also be used as a barrier cream for easy clean up after work. Our #1 seller. Contains antiseptic PCMX. Contains no scrubbers or pumice. Lilac/lemon scented.

    Knock Out Solvent Free Hand Cleaner

    Heavy duty industrial hand cleaner with special scrubbing particles to remove the heaviest grease and grime. Lemon scented.

    Tough Job Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

    Lotionized hand cleaner enriched with special solvent and deep scrubbing pumice for heavy duty cleaning. Almond scent. Contains antiseptic PCMX. Also contains lanolin and glycerin and pumice.

    Orange Crunch Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner

    Gentle on hands, tough on dirt. Contains d-limonene anddeep scrubbing pumice for heavy-duty cleaning. Contains antiseptic PCMX. Also contains glycerin and pumice. Pleasant citrus scent.

    Super HC Super Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

    Lotionized hand cleaner enriched with special solvent and super aggressive scrubber. Removes even axle and fifth wheel grease, yet gentle on your hands. Containsantiseptic PCMX. Also contains lanolin, glycerin and pumice. Orange scent.

    Office Hand Soap Lotion Hand Cleaner

    Ready-to use liquid hand cleaner. Leaves hands clean, soft and smooth. Creates a rich lather to float soils away. Pleasant floral bouquet scent. Contains antiseptic PCMX. Also contains glycerin.

    Warsaw Chemical Liquid Detergent
    Nu Blu Laundry Detergent Powder

    High-powered grease releasing formula. Effective on tough, greasy industrial and institutional stains. Controlled suds for easy rinsing. Contains optical brighteners. Uses cup in Top Loading washers and cup in Front Loading washers. Lemon scented.

    Warsaw Chemical Maintenance Cleaner
    APC All Purpose Cleaner

    Industrial strength cleaner. Fortified with butyl. Cleans even in the presence of glass, aluminum, and stainless steel without etching or streaking. Concentrated. Dilution per application 1 to 10, up to 1 to 30. Almond scented.

    Orange 88 Degreaser/Deodorant/ Drain Cleaner

    Non-butyl cleaner/degreaser with d-Limonene. Cleans grease and heavy oil deposits as it deodorizes. Dilution per application1 to 10, up to 1 to 40. Citrus scented.

    AD2000 Industrial Strength Degreaser

    Super concentrated, butyl-based degreaser. Formulated to penetrate and remove heavy industrial grease. 25.58% total activity. Dilution per application 1 to 4, up to 1 to 60.

    Fastball Ready-To-Use Cleaner/Degreaser/Deodorizer

    Industrial strength, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. Quickly penetrates and removes dirt, grease, oil films, fingerprints, crayon, ink, pencil marks, smoke film, etc. Fortified with butyl and pine oil. Pine scented.

    Orange Fury Ready-To-Use Foaming Degreaser

    Heavy duty foaming cleaner/degreaser. Fortified with natural citrus solvent. Citrus scented.

    Sunny Streakless Ready-To-Use Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

    Institutional strength formula fortified with ammonia. Removes dust, dirt, grease, fingerprints, and smoke film from glass and other hard non-porous surfaces. Will not streak or leave a film.

    Apple Glass Ready-to-use Hard Surface Cleaner / Polisher
    Streakless Concentrated Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

    Non-ammoniated. One gallon makes 4 gallons. Will not streak or smear.

    NAM #1 Phosphoric Acid-Based Concentrated Lime Remover

    Versatile, economical, mild acid lime remover formulated to remove unsightly build-up of mineral deposits and lime scale. Cleans, descales, and deodorizes.

    Warsaw Chemical Product
    DJ Concrete Cleaner Heavy Duty Powder Concrete Cleaner

    Quickly penetrates grease, oil and dirt. It dissolves, loosens and suspends heavy embedded soils and allows them to be rinsed away. Will not leave a residue. Uses 1 lb. per 100 sq. feet. Pine scented in orange or white.

    Wash Wax Car Wash Liquid

    Liquid concentrate for one step washing and waxing. Produces rich, high suds for extra cleaning power. Leaves an attractive, protective, real wax coating. Water "beads-up" to prevent water spotting. Prevents oxidation.

    Poly Ortho Disinfectant Toilet Bowl / Urinal Cleaner

    23.90% hydrochloric acid. Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes. Removes stains, rust, and heavy build up. Use full strength, or follow directions. EPA Registered: 2230-58.

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner Disinfectant Toilet Bowl / Urinal Cleaner

    9.5% hydrochloric acid. Cleans as it changes color. Removes lime, hard water stains, and urinary salts. Hospital strength. Use full strength or follow directions. Wintergreen fragrance.

    EPA Registered: 2230-56.

    Stay Disinfectant Toilet Bowl / Porcelain / Shower Tile Cleaner

    NOTE: Do NOT use on genuine marble - 14.9% phosphoric acid. Ready to use all purpose restroom cleaner. Cleans and brightens porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic tile, stainless steel, and chrome. Wintergreen fragrance. Clings to vertical surfaces.

    EPA Registered: 2230-55.

    Liquid Scour Liquid Creme Cleanser

    Mild abrasives remove soap scum, stains, and soil. Non-acid and non-fuming. Sassafras fragrance. Ready to use.

    Subtle 4 Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner

    Mild, non-acid formulation designed for every day use. Cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects all washroom surfaces. Fresh scent.

    EPA Registered: 47371-97-2230.

    Drain Opener Drain and Sewer Cleaner / Maintainer

    Powerful formula opens slow running drains by dissolving grease, hair, soap scum, and debris. Fast acting, non-acid, non-fuming. Ready to use. Use 4 to 16 oz. down drains. Spice scent.

    Eliminator Liquid Bacteria / Digester / Spotter

    Bacteria-produced enzymes digest organic wastes, eliminating the source of odors. Instant odor control for drains, grease traps, and pet odors.






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